Monthly Multiple Subscription

£ 30.00 p/m
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Access to all classes whether on line live,
face to face
or recordings.
Plus all features of web site.

Monthly Single Subscription

£ 25.00 p/m
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Lower price for people only able to come along once a week to one class but discount for paying monthly subscription.
Access to online content

1 to 1 Subscription

£ 40.00 p/m
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Existing 1 to 1 clients only

Monthly Subscription Recordings Only

£ 15.00 p/m
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This package is a reduced price for people who are unable to use the live Zoom classes but still have internet access to use pre-recorded classes.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go

Purchase Credits

Single Class credit for any class.
Unable to come along regularly due to shift working and life, buy credits for when you need them.
Credit expires after 90 days if not used


Personal Session Assessment


For 30 Days

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Only Buy after agreeing dates with Carole
45-60 mins
Personal Session at my Pilates Hut
Discussion of issues and goals
Personal assessment.
Decision of person plan to agree your personal outcome based on goals and assessment.

On mutual agreement of outcome plan, arrange schedule and further payment requirements.

Must be taken within one month of paying.

Personal Session Package


For 35 Days

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Only Buy after agreeing dates with Carole
6 x 30 to 45 min sessions
Personal Sessions at my Pilates Hut
Regular discussion of issues and goals
Pilates equipment to meet objectives

Ongoing Personal assessment.
Ongoing assessment of personal outcomes.

Must be taken within one month of paying.