About Me

After several stressful years at work in computing and management affecting my health, I decided I had to do something I enjoyed and made me feel better physically and mentally. I discussed some plans with local gym, decided to accepted a leavers package with work and started training as a Pilates Mat Work teacher through the Pilates Foundation.

I never new if I would be a good teacher but found courses I had taken at work provided a great base for standing in front of people and not panicking. Over the last few years I have become Comprehensively trained on all Pilates equipment and discovered lots of new teachers who have helped me develop other areas of movement into classes.

I also studied with Athleticum for indoor bike Spin level 1 and 2, Strong Nation, Relentless and happy to turn my attention to most freelance classes, provided I enjoy the experience too and can ensure people get the most out of classes.

When not teaching I can be found running and being a granny.